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The NCPDP Foundation awards $295,000 in grants to improve patient safety, expand patient access to care, and expand the role and value of pharmacists

The NCPDP Foundation Board of Trustees announced that it awarded a total of $295,000 in grants in its first grantmaking cycle in 2022. The grants fund research that will examine the value and untapped potential RxFill or RxChange transactions in the NCPDP’s SCRIPT standard for electronic prescribing. Grants support the NCPDP Foundation’s strategic initiatives to improve patient safety, expand patient access to care, and expand the role and value of the pharmacist.

The NCPDP Foundation awarded a total of $295,000 in grants as follows:

  • The NCPDP Foundation awarded a $74,000 grant to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health for RxFill: An Innovative Approach to Support Medication Adherence. The NCPDP RxFill transaction provides notification about the status of a prescription or any healthcare-related event. RxFill is described as a new health information technology (health informatics) feature that integrates patient medication fill data from community pharmacies into the electronic health record (EHR) of prescribers. This project aims to demonstrate the value of RxFill – delivering the right information, to the right person, at the right time – and to support its adoption by healthcare systems, clinics, prescribers and community pharmacies. The project capitalizes on a university health system, UW Health in Dane County, Wisconsin, which implemented RxFill in June 2022. This grant was funded in part by a donation from FDB (First Databank, Inc.), the original patient safety founders of the NCPDP Foundation. Gift giver.
  • The NCPDP Foundation awarded a $116,000 grant to the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy for demonstrating the value of RxChange messages to clinical and implementation outcomes. The research project aims to identify patterns of RxChange use by pharmacists and prescribers and to quantify the effect of RxChange requests and responses on medication use outcomes. Researchers will analyze a large, multi-site dataset of ePrescriptions and RxChange messages in the United States. The success of this project will provide critical evidence of the impact of RxChange messages on medication use and safety. This evidence will demonstrate the value of RxChange messages and inform best practices for implementing, using and adopting RxChange. The results of this research will inform future projects designed to improve the use of RxChange. This grant was funded in part by donations from FDB (First Databank, Inc.), the first NCPDP Foundation Patient Safety Founders Gift Donor, and GoodRx, the NCPDP Founders Gift Donor. Foundation for access to care.
  • The NCPDP Foundation awarded a $105,000 grant to Quandary Peak Research/MedStar Health Research Institute to research and identify barriers and best practices to optimize the use of NCPDP’s RxChange Request and Response transactions. Industry adoption of the NCPDP’s RxChange transaction has increased recently, even though there is no financial or governmental incentive to operationalize the use of transactions. The transaction can reduce the administrative burden for pharmacists and prescribers, accelerate patient access to the right drug treatment and improve patient safety. The research will measure the impact of RxChange request and response messaging on facilitating seamless and efficient electronic communications between the EHR and outpatient pharmacy management systems serving patients in a large central US healthcare system. Atlantic. The goal of the project is to uncover standards, workflow, and process barriers that will help inform best practice recommendations and process changes to further improve the adoption and optimization of this set of transactions. critical two-way messaging.

Last month, the NCPDP Foundation launched its second call for 2022 grant proposals that demonstrates the value of NCPDP standards in supporting patient safety, access to care, and the expanded role of pharmacists. Grant proposals must meet the grant proposal requirements and be submitted electronically by August 18, 2022, to be considered for the current grant funding cycle. More information is available at

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