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Skinny Dip Day raises funds for fistula repairs

GUNNISON BEACH – The primary goals of Skinny Swim Day are: (1) to get people to EXPERIENCE body acceptance; (2) to CURE women whose bodies have been hurt and shamed in birth trauma (via fundraising for one of the world’s most reputable charities, the Fistula Foundation), according to Thomas Francine of Woodbridge, organizer of the local event.

“Our results are officially known. We had about double the attendance in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. And we raised more than last year as well,” Francine said. “We have a lot of momentum going forward because we are growing a lot every year! We raised over $10,000 in total for an important cause!

According to the Fistula Foundation, obstetric fistula occurs when a mother has prolonged, obstructed labor but does not have access to emergency medical care, such as a cesarean section. She often works in excruciating pain for days. Tragically, her baby usually dies.

During her prolonged labour, the mother’s contractions continually push the baby’s head against her pelvis. The soft tissues wedged between the baby’s head and his pelvic bone compress, restricting normal blood flow.

Without an adequate blood supply, sections of tissue quickly die, leaving holes – called “fistulas” – between the mother’s vagina and her bladder or rectum. It is these holes that cause incontinence. If left untreated, the woman will leak uncontrollably urine, stool, or sometimes both, for the rest of her life.


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The foundation helps fund fistula repair for women primarily in Asia and Africa where obstetric care is harder to come by.

The event raised $5,370 at 12 venues this year.

The main link for the NJ event is:

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