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Cave Research Foundation Receives National Park Service Regional Award

MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky. (WBKO) – Mammoth Cave National Park’s longtime partner, the Cave Research Foundation, has received the 2021 George and Helen Hartzog Regional Group Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service from the Volunteers-In-Parks program of the National Park Service.

This award recognizes the contribution CRF has made to Mammoth Cave National Park and the community through their ongoing scientific research and discovery in the caves.

“CRF has been part of the Mammoth Cave team since 1957,” Superintendent Barclay Trimble said. “Their cooperation has been essential to the successful management and protection of the park’s vast cave and karst resources. Each year, CRF organizes at least ten expeditions to the park with the aim of mapping and exploring the vast expanses of Mammoth Cave. CRF team members weave their way through narrow, unfamiliar cracks and crevices, all with the goal of making new discoveries and adding to our knowledge of the cave system.

The CRF actively supports Mammoth Cave National Park through their continued exploration, scientific discoveries, and volunteerism.

Their expeditions in 2021 led to the addition of eight miles of cave passages found in the Mammoth Cave system.

The extra mileage was mapped and documented through hours of survey work done by CRF and brought the official length of the world’s longest cave to 420 miles.

In addition to their exploration work, their program is essential to informing the park’s strategic management plan and offers park staff, interns and other volunteers the opportunity to increase their knowledge of the cave exploration by participating in their cave expeditions.

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