A Balanced Diet: Most Important Features and Characteristics

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There is no doubt that eating properly is essential for our health. That is why there is a saying “We are what we eat”. However, with the amount of the information available online, it became very difficult to identify what is a good diet. Moreover, hundreds of harmful diets can be found online for quicker weight loss. For this reason, the article will focus on the definition of a good diet as well as its main characteristics. 

A Diet Should Be Balanced

The first thing that influences the quality of your nutrition is balanced. What does it mean exactly? There are three main nutrients we get from the food we eat: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Our body uses them as an energy source, so we can function and be active. The first step to a balanced diet would be to define the ratio of these nutrients. For example, the classic proportions look like this: 45 to 65 carbohydrates, 20-35 proteins, and 10-15 fats. However, you should always remember that this ratio should be customized based on your goals and health state. For example, people with diabetes or insulin resistance should consume fat mainly and restrict carbohydrates. 

Count Your Calories

Another important aspect of having a good diet is calorie intake. For example, you can have a good ratio of nutrients, but if you consume too many calories, it will still be harmful and lead to excess weight. You can find many calories calculators online that will take into consideration your weight, age, sex, height, and lifestyle. 

The Quality of the Food

The third essential component is the quality of the food you eat. For example, we strongly recommend basing your diet on consuming healthy whole foods. For example, you can eat low-glycemic grains, lean meats, healthy oils, as well as fruits and vegetables. However, if you want to have a fit body and good health, we would strongly recommend staying away from fast food and processed foods. Moreover, it is always better to go for organic alternatives for the products you consume. For example, it is better to eat grass-fed grass-finished meat. If you have the opportunity to buy organic fruits and vegetables — go for it. 

Control Your Sugar Intake

The last point of having a balanced diet is limiting your sugar intake. We would advise staying away from refined sugar in general. You will consume enough of it with fruits and vegetables. In this perspective, eating sweet pastry and drinking sugary fizzy drinks is a big no-no. 

Use these four recommendations to transform your diet if necessary. You will see results such as health improvement and energy increase after a couple of weeks already. 

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