Outdoor training benefits

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After work, go straight to the gym and work out quickly on the equipment or on the treadmill. This is of course practical, but in summer long days and hours of the sunshine lure, you to exercise in the fresh air. And best of all: it is also worth sweating outside! We have put together five reasons for you why you should turn your back on the gym every summer and exercise outdoors.

Advantage of outdoor sports # 1: fresh air
Who doesn’t long for this very special feeling of freedom after a long day in the office? Whether the warm breeze on a beautiful sunny day or wet and cold air after a summer storm. Fresh air works wonders. It invigorates and motivates. Training outdoors is a lot more fun than in a stuffy, crowded room. And the fresh oxygen releases happiness hormones and strengthens your immune system.

Advantage of outdoor sports # 2: new backdrop

Outdoor training never gets boring. You can always choose new routes while running. And you can combine the search for the perfect spot for your outdoor training with a short warm-up run. You can also vary the spots depending on whether you need a wall or a pole or whether you need to walk during a workout. Bring variety to your training location – this way, different muscle groups are also ideally trained. Parks, promenades, sports fields, beaches, riverbanks, forests, and meadows – everything is possible.

Advantage of outdoor sports # 3: community
Outdoor training in a group gives an extra motivational kick. Have you ever trained together with many other athletes? Have you ever been stared at while walking through the city because you were in such a large group? Believe us: it’s a great feeling! You are proud to be part of this community. It also motivates you to persevere longer and crack new personal bests. By constantly trying out new training spots (see point 2), you will easily get to know like-minded athletes. So outside!

Advantage of outdoor sports # 4: varied running routes
When running outdoors you can expect a wide variety of routes and conditions: candle-straight tracks, hilly meadow paths, or running on the beach. Or you can complete your running workout on a real tartan track on the sports field in your city. Whether tar, grass, gravel, sand, or tartan – your feet will thank you if you keep moving your running work-out to different surfaces. And you will experience a lot more than walking on the treadmill. In addition, your running movement when running outdoors is much more effective and natural, so that you are doing your body a lot of good.

Advantage of outdoor sports # 5: sightseeing at home and while traveling
In the search for new training spots and running routes you will automatically get to know new parts of your city. Or are you on a business trip to another city, but don’t have much time to see the unknown place? Then combine your workout with sightseeing! Especially when traveling, outdoor fitness is ideal for getting to know the city in a special way. Discover corners and ends in a playful way that you might otherwise never have seen.

Whether you get to know new spots through your work-out or start to achieve new top performances – training outside is definitely worth it. Who knows, maybe outdoor sports are so convincing that you even create your own training group? Everything is possible this summer!

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