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Health benefits of regular cycling

Drive half an hour to and from work every day or two or three times a week after work an hour of intensive cycling, the following positive health effects occur:

Training the heart, muscles, and circulation

Intensive cycling contributes to the development of skeletal and cardiac muscles, which in turn has a positive effect on the metabolism.
With type II diabetes (age-related diabetes), even athletic requirements can lower blood sugar by directly absorbing the sugar into the muscle cells
The increased energy consumption counteracts the build-up of obesity (which begins with massive changes due to hormonal changes from the age of 40 onwards) and in combination with healthy eating, obesity can be reduced slowly.

Uplifting the mood

As a hunter-gatherer, humans used to be on the move most of the day. As a result, our body and its metabolism have been developed and optimized in a process lasting millions of years.
The body is not adapted to the sedentary lifestyle that has only existed for a few decades (an adaptation with a corresponding change in genes roughly takes 70,000 to 100,000 years).
It has been known for some years now that today’s lack of exercise, e.g. In addition to weight problems, office workers also leads to massive harmful metabolic disorders and negatively affects brain metabolism.
So if you exercise as much as possible, you can improve your mood and positively influence your entire body metabolism by getting closer to the natural metabolism.
This should significantly improve health (which has not yet been finally proven but is very plausible).

Training the sense of balance

The human body breaks down a lot as it ages. This happens after stress.
Many older people get problems with her untrained sense of balance, which later on leads to the frequent falls of older people.
Bicycling demands a sense of balance so that it is developed and trained more and later suffers less from degradation.

Intensive perception of nature, the seasons, the district

If you move through the city and the countryside by bike (instead of car or bus), you will notice the smells, the noises, the weather (unfortunately also the bad) and the temperatures.
This enables the body to activate its fallow adjustment mechanisms and thus to keep the immune system active.
The stimulation of the brain by natural smells and the sight of the landscape and the direct sensation of sun, heat, cold was normal for our ancestors and thus also contributes to the well-being of people who are otherwise shielded by the apartment and office walls today.

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