Why muscles need relaxation after training

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Are you one of the athletes who train the muscles properly but do not relax them? The regeneration phases are particularly important for the muscles.

A lot does not always help a lot and especially the muscles need a regeneration phase after concentrated training. Therefore, create a sensible training plan that includes everything. Training sessions with stress on the muscles and sufficient time for muscle relaxation or regeneration. Because the muscle grows in the regeneration phase, that is, only in this phase is the training in the muscles implemented. How long the regeneration phase should depend on the personal training program as well as physical fitness and also on age and gender. A regeneration phase of at least 48 hours is generally advisable.

Muscles need stress and relaxation
Those who exercise regularly at least twice a week put their muscles to the test and do good for their general fitness and well-being. The important thing here is to really stay tuned regularly. It is best to set certain days and times for the training. Of course you can train more often, but with two training sessions per week an optimal balance between stress and relaxation is maintained. Basically, the harder and more intensive the training sessions are, the longer the regeneration phase should be for the muscles. Again, it has to be considered: Older athletes need a longer regeneration phase. Younger athletes and well-trained athletes regenerate faster. Overall, personal fitness is decisive, but it should not be overused. Because a balanced balance between stress and relaxation strengthens the body, well-being, and above all the muscles more than exaggerated muscle training.

What else contributes to muscle relaxation
Those who like their program right after training with measures

  • massage
  • warm showers
  • warm bath
  • saunas
  • steam bath

Those who train regularly and intensively are already strengthening their immune systems. Nevertheless, relaxation and relief are particularly important during physical exertion and stress, in sports and in general. In order not to endanger the strong immune system by overloading and overwhelmed by a hard training plan, a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, fiber, and high-quality protein is advisable. Relaxation through sleep is also popular. So treat yourself to a little leisure time and sleep off. Walks in the fresh air harmonize body and mind. If you also want to relax your soul, you can do this wonderfully with meditation. Try it! After a short period of getting used to it, you will also be able to clear your head while meditating and not be distracted by all kinds of thoughts. Relaxation music helps deepen the state of relaxation.

are other relaxation techniques, used alone or in a group, which are ideally suited to calm down during light activity and thus bring body, mind, soul, and muscles into harmony.

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