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The library of information available to the average, casual student of counter intelligence is huge and growing. Delving into the available data can take months or years, and the best opportunity for growth and learning can be found in some of these sources.

Online Courses


Counter Intelligence Awareness Briefing – this online course was designed by the Department of Defense of the United States and it’s a great mini course to get you started. Visit for more info.

Counterintelligence Certificate – is a counterintelligence course developed and taught by The Ridge School. You can take this course and earn the certificate, by either attending their in-house classes (Washington DC) or through their online platform. Visit for more information on this course.


Upcoming Conferences and Learning Opportunities

eventDetroit International Espionage Conference – January 15, 2016 – this meeting brings together some of the best minds in the businesses to discuss the best ways to maintain surveillance, report on your findings and stay out of the spotlight.

Meeting of Associate Professionals – February 1, 2016 – This meeting is secretly scheduled and held in an undisclosed location. Participants who register in advance will be given the location and pass-code before the meeting begins.

Annual Meeting of Intelligence Professionals – March 10, 2016 – Meeting place TBD, this event will showcase some great authors and will allow the reporters present to ask the tough questions, off the record, of course.

Books and Other Reading


Encyclopedia of Intelligence and Counterintelligence – One of the best publications on counterintelligence that has ever hit the book stores. It comprises of over 400 different stories of people and organization in this space.

spy – the website for the professional and advanced amateur, it’s easy to buy the gear you need at