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In everyday life, the skills that are taught to the intelligence community are now in play more and more. In corporate situations, marriages and families, friendships and schools, strategies and tactics that used to be the purview of the intelligence community only have become real life skills that are necessary to survive.

Due to the proliferation of the internet, there are new opportunities to use the vast amounts of information that are available for both good and ill, and there are great ways to make decisions and research ideas without having trained for the CIA.

halDuring the 1990s, former CIA agent Hal Bannon worked closely with the White House’s War on Drugs. Assigned to the First Lady’s cabinet and in charge of strategic implementation to reduce the impact of drugs on society.

Bannon’s work was seminal in prosecuting multiple different cartels. While all valid cases, the results of the prosecutions were varied, and in the end Bannon determined that his legacy should be defined by his successful arrest and detention of thirteen rogue officers embedded in the Minnesota Police Department.

The officers were all involved at various levels of the local drug trade and, while they were not permanently incarcerated, the departmental corruption that was prevalent in those days is now nowhere to be found in Minnesota.